June 2011 – Jodi Danziger”The KC GLAM SQUAD was amazing! I had a great time picking out outfits at
Saffee’s, figuring out what worked (and didn’t) getting my hair and make up done and just having a great time with
the ladies.
My friends loved my makeover and I
learned a lot.”
Jodi Danziger
July 2011 – Shaunna Bobrow”The make over was awesome! I have known Shaunna fore more than 10 years and it is exactly what she needed. The team did a fabulous job on her hair, make up and outfit. This is going to take her very far both professionally  and personally.”
Julie Cortes
April 2012 – Melanie Myers-Irizarry”I really enjoyed learning what clothes would fit my body type, having my make up and hair done. I love my new hair color. The overall experience was wonderful and I really enjoyed it.
I absolutely love the style book and it is going to do wonders for my wardrobe.”
Melanie Myers-Irizarry
September 2012 – Melissa Mc Laughin”It was such a wonderful experience. You and your team did an outstanding job with everything. I really felt pampered, glamorous and beautiful.”