Consignment, resale, vintage or thrift stores overall sell second hand merchandise. You may also find clothing with original tags or close outs of new items.

These boutiques have become very popular and it is a fantastic option to stretch your wardrobe at a very affordable price.

Things to remember when shopping consignment:

– Know what you have in your closet. It is spring and time to clean out your closet to build your spring/summer wardrobe. A Wardrobe Stylist can easily help you do this.

– Know what you are looking for: I always recommend that you shop with a list of items that you need to complement your wardrobe. Have a plan and This will avoid impulse buying or purchasing something you already have in your wardrobe.

– If you have several items to purchase, make a budget and stick to it.

– If you are looking for a particular item for instance a top to go with a printed skirt, feel free to bring the skirt along to build the outfit.

– Don’t pay too close attention to the sizes, all brands have different sizes. Go up a size for  designer brands, they tend to size small.

– Not all stores are as picky on their selection, so always check garments for stains, holes and make sure zippers are in working condition. In those cases, the garments are sold “as is”.

– As for all shopping, be aware of the return and exchange policy. Sales are often “Final”.

– If you shop for high end Designer brands, know your original prices. You want to make sure you are getting a “Real” deal on the item.

– Don’t hesitate to shop early in the season. For the summer, the shop will accept clothes as early as March.

– Shop regularly to get the latest arrivals.

– The location of the shop is important. A high-end neighborhood will have higher end  brands. This is also true when shopping for vintage furniture.

– Some shops will have a newsletter. Feel free to sign up on the shop’s email list to be informed of the latest arrivals

Have fun and create your style with “unique” pieces that will show your personality.

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