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The Rectangle body shape has a balanced silhouette. The shoulders, bust and hips have a similar size and the waist is less than 25% smaller.

Your goal is to look slimmer overall with an emphasized waist. Many models have this body shape as it is rather easy to dress. You have two ways of flattering this silhouette, either you cinch in your waist by adding a belt or you play up the volume of both your shoulders and your hips which will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

What you can wear to dress your body shape

  • V necks to elongate your figure
  • Layering to create interest
  • Some embellishment, lace or other at the neckline that will draw attention to the face and shapely shoulders
  • Wrap tops that will minimize your waist
  • Princess seams and vertical lines will define your waist and also elongate your figure
  • Dresses that add the appearance of curves

When you know your body shape, it is much easier to dress and to find clothes that flatter.

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