Makeup artist, Alexia Culton from EJ Bain Studio did Melanie’s makeup and gave some recommendations according to her skin type and color. The products used were all from AVEDA.

The first tip was NO more soaps. Soaps tend to dry your skin so instead use a cream cleanser.

To get rid of the dead skins and bring back the glow of your skin, use a “Liquid Exfoliant”with fruit acids.

To tighten up your pores, use a treatment product with tourmaline, “Radiance Fluid”.

Use a good quality lash curler such as the one from Bobbi Brown.

For the spring and summer, a tinted moisturizer is lighter than a foundation and a loose powder will set your makeup.

Two products to always have in your makeup case:

– A concealer

– and an acne cream

For information regarding the KC Glam Squad’s makeovers, click here

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