JCBC Fitness held a 6 Week Weight Loss Competition starting on April 9th with the goal to be learn how to eat more whole foods, stay away from processed foods and weight loss products.

We started with 22 participants and ended with 17 while still losing a TOTAL of 93.5 pounds!!  We integrated Yoga and Boxing while keeping our Group Personal Training Schedule. Everyone really enjoyed the variety that all the classes provided. Some of the ladies chose to add exercise outside of the class from swimming, walking and riding bikes. They were free to incorporate whatever they felt would benefit them.

JCBC Fitness offered a 6 Week Meal Plan that a few clients took advantage of. This was not a requirement to be able to participate in the Competition. The main goal was that over the 6 weeks Clients would realize what balance of food works for them.

JCBC Fitness believes in a slow weight loss plan for real change. No laxatives or fat loss pills were allowed and supplementing with protein powder was only allowed once a week. It is important that we eat whole foods and not rely on outside sources for the goals we want to reach. We are so proud of each participant and their success. Everyone learned something about themselves during this time and made changes on their plate for the better.

Jennifer Faimon, CPT

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