Melissa M participated in the 6 week Weight Loss Contest held by JCBC Fitness, Jennifer Faimon and she won! Here is what she says,

“After what seems like a very short 6 weeks of working out with Jennifer, I feel strong, healthy and unstoppable! Anyone who is interested in getting into exercising with Jennifer, I would say. . . dive right in! Jennifer shows us modifications so that you can build up to certain exercises. Every class and every exercise feels like it is tailored specifically for me and for people just starting, MAKE THE COMMITMENT! Come to every class you can for a few weeks until it becomes habit . Push yourself and set a goal to succeed! Also, I purchased a meal plan from Jennifer and I highly recommend it.

Working out with Jennifer and following the meal plan has truly changed my life. I eat healthier; I exercise regularly (and the workouts are always different, so I never get bored); I am confident; I feel beautiful; I am proud of myself and I know I’m adding years to my life to be able to spend with my wonderful husband (who is equally as if not more excited than me about my success) and two beautiful boys. I have struggled with weight since my late teens and fought a true food addiction for as long as I can remember. I still love food and love to eat, but my habits have drastically changed as have my choices with food and my struggles are so much less. And sure enough, I met my goals  — I am a success story!!!! “

*Melissa won our JCBC Fitness 6 Week Weight Loss Competition by losing 30 pounds and 24 inches! She continues to lean out and is adding more exercise to her life OUTSIDE of class. Thank you Melissa for sharing your journey! – Jennifer*

Jennifer Faimon, CPT


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